Multiscale Modeling and Simulation Workshop at Bernstein Conference 2017

Understanding brain function requires characterizing the interactions occurring across many temporal and spatial scales. Mechanistic multiscale modeling aims to organize and explore these interactions across these scales. Multiscale models can provide insights into how changes at the molecular and cellular levels affect dynamics at local networks and brain areas. At the highest levels, they allow us to connect neural activity to theories of behavior, memory and cognition. The recent introduction of large neuroscience projects in US and EU ­­ Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) and Human Brain Project (HBP) respectively ­­ provide an opportunity to rapidly gather new and more accurate data to incorporate into the multiscale models. This workshop will present some of the latest multiscale modeling tools and approaches in neuroscience, as well as representative examples of data­driven multiscale neural simulations. The workshop aims to encourage both computational and experimental neuroscientists to make use of multiscale modeling in their research.


Organizers: Salvador Dura-Bernal and Bill Lytton (SUNY Downstate)




Tue, Sept 12:

- Bill Lytton (SUNY Downstate)

- Jean Pierre Changeux (Pasteur Institute)

- Volker Steuber (University of Hertfordshire)

- Robert McDougal (Yale University)

- Salvador Dura-Bernal (SUNY Downstate)

- Cliff C Kerr (University of Sydney)


Wed, Sept 13:

- Szabolcs Kali (Hungarian Academy of Science/HBP)

- Marianne Bezaire (Boston University)

- Daniel Durstewitz (ZI Mannheim)

- Kael Dali (Allen Institute for Brain Science)

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 to Wednesday, September 13, 2017
Meeting Location: 
Göttingen, Germany
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