2020 IMAG-AND Futures Trainee Podium and Poster Competition

Special Thanks to The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group for supporting the Trainee Awards!

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With gratitude to the 2020 Planning Committee.

The online IMAG-AND Futures meeting featured Multiscale Modeling Trainees who presented their MSM research in the context of the IMAG-AND meeting (rescheduled for March 17-18, 2021).

The trainee podium and poster competitions have been conducted on the IMAG wiki. To see all podium presentations, please visit the agenda here.

Submitted posters were judged according to a rubric by a panel of judges comprised of planning committee members. Questions and comments on all the posters can be submitted below, click here to view them here.

Trainee Oral Presentation Competition Winner
Kyoko Yoshida, University of Virginia
Trainee Oral Presentation Competition Honorable Mention
Peng Zhang, Stony Brook University


Ariel Nikas
Trainee Poster Competition 1st Place Winner
Ariel Nikas, Emory University
Trainee Poster Competition Honorable Mention
Jacob Herrmann, University of Vermont
Trainee Poster Competition Honorable Mention
Erin Louwagie, Columbia University
Poster is well organized without too many words, Information is presented in a logical sequence (1- Poor to 5- Excellent)
Introduction is attention-getting, lays out the problem well, and establishes a framework for the project (1- Poor to 5- Excellent)
Methods adequately described (1- Poor to 5- Excellent)
Results are presented in an organized and easy to understand manner (1- Poor to 5- Excellent)
Discussion/Conclusion follow from the study results (1- Poor to 5- Excellent)
The study is innovative and presents new, creative ideas (1- Poor to 5- Excellent)
1st place: $200
Honorable mention $100
Honorable mention $100