Where are the forms published on the IMAG wiki?

Instructions for IMAG wiki postings:

  1. Login to https://www.imagwiki.nibib.nih.gov/ (create an account if you don’t have one – choose MSM Member or IMAG Member –> wait for your account to be approved)
  2. Use CONTENT tab to create forms that get published on the wiki (see: Creating a new wiki page)
  3. The location of the form are published as follows on the IMAG wiki (under the main navigation tabs):
    Form Name Where is it published? Page under Tab


    News & Events Tab

    Front Page trailer


    Basic page

    (this is a blank page)

    Anywhere you post the URL address

    All pages

    (see: Add a hyperlink)


    (books with DOI#)

    Resources Tab Publications
    Funding Opportunity

    Funding Tab

    Front Page - Funding Box

    Upcoming Receipt Dates

    Meeting Reports

    Resources Tab Meeting Reports
    Mentor List  About IMAG & MSM (in lower navigation bar) Mentor List

    Models, Tools & Databases

    (for showing individual projects)

    Resources Tab

    Models, Tools & Databases

    (Post the published URL in your User Profile under MSM Resources)


    (slides, videos, webinars, talks)

    Resources Tab Presentation


    (journal articles with DOI#)

    Resources Tab Publications

    Relevant Meetings

    (for meetings of interest to the MSM Consortium - not IMAG hosted)

    News & Events Tab

    Front Page - Relevant Meetings Box

    Relevant Meetings
    Research Highlights

    News & Events Tab

    Front Page - Research Highlights Box

    Research Highlights
    Resource Credibility Assessment

    Not published publicly (copy URL to remember link)

    Resource Tab

    Models, Tools & Databases (user links completed form in their individual project page)


    (didactic lessons, curricula)

    Resources Tab Tutorials
    Working Groups Activities Tab

    MSM Task Forces & WGs

    Other Interest Groups

  4. Copy the published URLs from above and post that link into your WG page, MSM Slack channel, etc.
  5. You can always post this content directly into your WG page, but this is less findable and organized.
  6. More IMAG Wiki support tips are located on the lower navigation bar.
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