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All orders must be received by 4 pm EDT on Tuesday, October 22nd.


Directions for ordering lunch boxes: 

Lunch will be delivered to the Natcher Building Auditorium October 24-25, 2019 on Thursday at 11:30am and Friday at 11:30am.

We highly recommend that participants pre-order and pre-pay for a box lunch so that there is ample time for discussion and networking.

 Please follow the instructions outlined below. 

Orders are not acceoted over the phone or email and must be received by 4pm. EDT Tuesday, October 22nd.

Ordering your boxed lunch:   

  1. Go to the Eurest Conference catering link: This site is browser sensitive, we recommend using Internet Explorer only.
  2. Login
  1. If you have an account: Login using your last name & password
  2. If you need an account:  You can create an account by clicking on “Need an Account? Click Here” under the customer login on left.
    • Create your account by entering your:
      • Name
      • Password
      • Contact Information
  1. Click “Box Lunch Orders” button under “Order Option”. Select “Lunch” and then “Boxed Lunch on the right side of the screen to view menu and place order.

*Note: To place a boxed lunch order for multiple days, select option to add more AFTER entering date and delivery time for each day.  If you add more before selecting each date and delivery, all orders will be delivered the same date. 

4. Click the dates you are ordering for October 24 on the calendar

5. Select “Location:” And Choose the On Campus Delivery dropdown

6. Fill out these fields regarding location and time to deliver your order: 

  • Building: Natcher Building 45
  • Contact Name: Jacklyn Ebiasah
  • Room Name/Room #: Natcher Auditorium
  • Meeting Name:  IMAG 2019 ML-MSM
  • Food Delivery Time: 11:30 a.m. (10/22/2019)
  • Guest Count: (number of people you have ordered for.) This is generally 1
  • Contact Information: 240-515-8027

7. Continue to next page

  • Order name: Please enter your name here
  • Click “<<Add Another Order” on the bottom of the screen to place an order for Day 2 for the meeting
  • Repeat steps 3-7
  • ***Be sure to change the delivery date to October 25th for this Day 2 order, all other information is to remain the same.

8. Proceed to Checkout


Orders must be received by 4pm. EDT Tuesday, October 22nd.

Please note that we do NOT to accept cash on the day of the workshop and request you pre-pay when you order your lunch


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