Fresh Fork Lunch

!!! Please pre-order and pre-pay for your lunch and any extra snacks - - the meeting venue cafeteria and snack shop is closed !!


All orders must be received by 4 pm EDT on Monday, June 26.


Directions for ordering lunch boxes: 

Lunch will be delivered to the Natcher Building Auditorium June 28 & 29 on both days at 11:00am to ensure you get your lunch on time.


Please follow the instructions outlined below. 

Orders are not accepted over the phone or email and must be received by 4pm. EDT Monday, June 26.

Ordering your boxed lunch:   

  1. Go to the Eurest Conference catering link:
  2. Login
  1. If you have an account: Login using your last name & password
  2. If you need an account:  If you do not have account you *must* create an account. You can create an account by clicking on “ACCOUNT (SIGN IN/REGISTER)":
    • Create your account by entering your:
      • Name
      • Password
      • Contact Information
  1. Once you have an account locate the "ORDER" menu on the main page (right-hand side of screen), select “MEAL BOXES” from the “ORDER" menu dropdown. You will see “sandwich and salad boxes” and "hot lunch box". "hot lunch box" may not have any options so select “sandwich and salad boxes”. This will take you to a new page where you can select “sandwich boxes" or "salad boxes" according to your preference. 

Due to the way the web site is constructed it is easiest to place a separate order for each day you are at the conference.

4. Click the dates you are ordering for June 28 on the calendar

5. For the time of delivery, choose 11:00am to make sure your boxed lunch will arrive on time

5. Select “Location:” And Choose the On Campus Delivery dropdown

6. Fill out these fields regarding location and time to deliver your order: 

  • Building: Natcher Building 45
  • Contact Name: Katrina Whaley
  • Room Name/Room #: Natcher Auditorium
  • Meeting Name:  IMAG-MSM Consortium 2023 
  • Food Delivery Time: 11:00 a.m. (06/28/2023)
  • Guest Count: (number of people you have ordered for.) This is generally 1
  • Contact Information: 314-757-9300

7. Continue to next page

8. Proceed to Checkout

Repeat for any additional days you are at the conference, for example the 28th and 29th June.



Orders must be received by 4pm. EDT Monday, June 26.


Please note that:

  • You cannot place lunch orders during the days of the meeting
  • We do NOT to accept cash on the days of the workshop and request you pre-pay when you order your lunch


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