Theme 4 - Stakeholder Perspectives

Day 2: Thursday March 23, 2017

Moderators: Pankaj Qasba (NHLBI)


Donna Lochner (FDA)



The objectives of this session are to provide perspectives from stakeholders - Scientist, Clinicians, Industry leaders - on how multiscale modeling has changed their own research, practice and commercialization efforts over the last decade; and how they view the acceptance level of end users for more widespread use of models in their fields. 

Each of the three speakers in this session will have 15-minutes for presentations, with a 15-minute Q&A panel at end.

The specific charge to the speakers is to:

  • present their background and how they came to use and embrace modeling for their own work;
  • comment on how modeling has provided insight for their work, not otherwise provided by other means;
  • discuss how their field has changed over the last decade in regard to the use and acceptance as computational models as part of standard practice;
  • provide some ideas on how modeling could be further used in the future in their field.

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How would Dassault deal with

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Michel Audette

Q for Victor. How would Dassault deal with a sophisticated user who wants a model tweaked? Would it actually show its source code and allow the user to modify it? 

Submitted by MichelODU on Thu, 03/23/2017 - 14:55

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