3/26/14 - Note From Grace: Please tentatively hold the dates: September 3-5, 2014.

2/6/14 - Note From Grace: We're currently looking into dates in the 2nd week of June and early September 2014 - stay tuned.

1/28/14 - NOTE From Grace: It looks like too too many people are unavailable on the dates we presented below. We are presently taking a different approach. We are currently meeting with the Theme Leads to find a set of dates that will work well for most if not all the speakers. We will keep you informed. Thanks!



April 7-9, 2014 (Mon-Wed)

Amy Swain, NIGMS

Roger Mark

Jon Lederer

Gianluca Lazzi

Albert Lee, NHLBI

Jennifer Linderman

Guy Genin

Markus Buehler

Stavros Thomopoulos

Linda Petzold (available April 7 and morning of April 8 only)

David Kaplan

Joyce Wong

Jennifer Couch, NCI

Tina Morrison

Suvranu De

Ravi Radhakrishan

Tom Yankeelov

Darren Tyson

David Hormuth

Sudheer Rani

Mike Miga

Raj Vadigepalli

Yaling Liu

Hiroshi Ashikaga

Jason Ortega

Victor Barocas

Herbert Sauro

Aleksander Popel (I can attend)

Denise Kirschner (only 8 late morning and 9th)

Gary An (only 8 late afternoon and 9th)

Roger Kamm (not the 8th)

April 23-25, 2014 (Wed-Fri)

Dalin Tang

German Cavelier, NIMH

Ilya Rybak

Dov Jaron

David Eckmann (23 & 25 OK)

Huiming Zhang(23 & 25 OK)

Roger Kamm (not 24)

Bill Lytton

Salvador Dura-Bernal

Cliff Kerr

Ronan Fleming

Linda Petzold

Rouzbeh Amini

Jason Ortega

Mark Kramer

Aleksander Popel (I cannot attend)

Sam Neymotin

Ed Sander

Denise Kirschner (cannot attend)

Gary An (cannot attend)

Conflicts for 2014 MSM Meeting dates:

  • AIMBE Annual Meeting - March 23-25, 2014
  • AACR Meeting - April 5-9, 2014
  • Design of Medical Devices - April 7-10, 2014
  • Federation of Am Soc for Experimental Biology (FASEB) -- April 26-30, 2014 (= Exper Biol)
  • Neural Control of Movement (NCM) meeting -- Apr 20-25
  • IEEE EMBS - August 27-31, 2014
  • WMIC -Sept 16-21, 2014
  • Study Sections NOIT (neural and ophth imaging tech) and others often 1st week October
  • CMBBE - October 13-15, 2014
  • BMES - October 22-25, 2014
  • AIChE Meeting Nov 16-21




Kirschner input: Really was looking forward to the Model-based Physiomarkers session by Vasilis Marmarelis- would like to see that as a webinar or Chatroom discussion early in the new year. Would like early October meeting dates in the Fall - hopefully back-to-back with Systems Biology as per usual. I would prefer not to post my posters online.

From Jennifer Linderman: I'd like more webinars, especially if a schedule could be announced early (so lab groups could also participate). October is good for a meeting.\

  • From Stephanie: You can find the Webinar schedule on the wiki. We send a reminder about the webinars ~1 week before.

From Jimmy Moore: The proposed dates of April 7-9 are not great for me but I could probably make it for most of it. Late September is generally better than October.

Session Name / Preference:

  • BRAIN Theme:
    • From Terry Sejnowski: Note that There will be two events a the SFN meeting regarding the BRAIN Initiative:
      • November 11 (1:30-3pm, Ballroom 20) - Event focuses on the major policy/scientific programs in brain research emerging in both the US and Europe, including BRAIN and HBP. Representatives from the federal partners of the BRAIN Initiative will be presenting as well as EU leadership. Tom Insel and Story Landis will be representing NIH.
      • November 11 (6:30-8:30, Room 33C) - This event is structured as a townhall to discuss the interim report of the ACD BRAIN working group. NIH is hosting and Cori and Bill will be moderating.
    • From Grace Peng: I will be in San Diego from 11/6-11/11. Anyone interesting in meeting together to discussion the BRAIN intiative, please put your name and emails below:
    • We're meeting Monday 11/11 at 5pm outside of Room 33C.
    • Let's move our scientific discussions to the MSM BRAIN wiki pag, The BRAIN Initiative and its links to MSM Theme, where you'll find all the reports (please read prior to our meeting at SFN if you can).
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