BRAINWORKS Virtual Booth

This booth showcases the BRAINWORKS platform being built by the BRAIN DATA Scholar, in addition to highlights from our BRAIN Theories, Models and Methods projects and U19 Data Science Consortium

When you are at the 2021 BRAIN PI Meeting Booth (below), the images are linked to the pages below.

NIH Booth Representatives 

Theories, Models and Methods & U19 Data Science Consortium Projects [click from monitor: PROJECTS]

Funding Opportunities and Deadlines [click from right banner: FUNDING]

Schedule of Activities and Demos [click from left banner: DEMOS]

BRAINWORKS wiki page [click from desk banner: BRAINWORKS]

This wiki page [click from top banner: BRAIN Initiative]

The NIH BRAIN Initiative is conducting user research on the NIH BRAIN website with trainees, mid-level investigators, and senior-level investigators, who are interested in applying to or are already funded through NIH BRAIN Initiative funding opportunities. Volunteers will work with a web development team to assess two specific pages. They will be asked a number of questions which will inform our team of needed improvements. You don’t need to do anything ahead of time, we will review and discuss the pages in real time. Your participation will help us improve key components of the NIH BRAIN Initiative website. SIGN UP HERE:




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