Committee on Credible Practice of Modeling & Simulation in Healthcare Description - MSM 2013


The Committee on Credible Practice of Modeling & Simulation in Healthcare ( is an initiative started under the IMAG and MSM stemming from discussions at previous years’ MSM Consortium meetings, and monthly IMAG/MSM meetings. Throughout these discussions it became clear that research activities in computational medicine are growing at a significant rate and notable discoveries are being made. However, the mechanisms or processes necessary to appropriately translate these research activities and discoveries in computational methods to clinical practice are lacking. Moreover, there is substantial research diversity in the field such that subject matter experts within and across mathematical and biological disciplines tend to have their own interpretation of credible practice in M&S. Additionally, tools and good practice guidelines established by individual disciplines or research areas do not readily transfer across other disciplines or are not adopted by different fields. To help fill these critical gaps, the "Committee on Credible Practice of Modeling & Simulation in Healthcare" was established.

The charges of the Committee are to:

i) adopt a consistent modeling & simulation terminology,
ii) define accreditation procedures for modeling and simulation practice,
iii) demonstrate workflows for credible practice, and
iv) promote good practice.

The goal of the breakout session will be to present the current progress of the Committee, and to solicit input from the MSM community on key areas that will help advance the Committee’s pursuits to establish credible practice guidelines for M&S in healthcare.

Supplement Background Information: Status Update to the IMAG on the Activities and Accomplishments of the CPMS - Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 1pm

Presented by Lealem Mulugeta on Behalf of the Committee
Presentation is available at:

Committee Activity Updates

NOTE: For more regular and detailed updates on the Committee's progress, bi-weekly meeting minutes are made publicly available at: The updates on this page will serve to highlight key developments.


June 2, 2014 - Submitted by Lealem Mulugeta on behalf of the Committee

The presentation was received quite well by the audience with some great feedback. A number of well recognized individuals in the M&S and V&V community also offered to help the Committee advance its efforts. Some notable feedback include:



    • The Committee's recognition of the fact that Common practice guidelines do not exist to ensure that appropriate credibility processes are followed, and our initiative and methodology to fill this gap is probably best articulated when compared to other committees and organizations that have similar initiatives
    • Our recognition of how this is a highly multifaceted endeavor, and the need to include all stake holders received very positive feedback, and commercial software developer representatives have expressed a strong interest in participating in the long-term development of our initiative
    • The varying use of terminology by different disciplines is something that even the ASME struggles with. Consequently, ASME representatives have expressed interest in the Committee's Glossary development task.
  2. IRB exemption was obtained from the Cleveland Clinic by Dr. Ahmet Erdemir for the "Ten Simple Rules" survey protocol we hope to launch in the coming weeks. However, because Stanford resources are also being used to conduct the survey, the survey has been submitted for IRB exemption at Stanford University by Dr. Joy Ku. More details regarding this work are available at
  3. In addition to the ASME's interest in the Glossary effort, key players within the Society for Simulation in Healthcare are also interested in working with us in a synergistic manner to advance both organizations' list of terms and definitions.
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