Computational neuroscience of language processing in the human brain

Investigator Names  Evelina Fedorenko, Mark Richardson
Institutions Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Grant Support NIH BRAIN, U01NS121471
Performance Period   April 2021 - January 2026


Goal: We aim to harness the precision of human intracranial recordings and a large set of diverse linguistic materials designed to best discriminate among candidate artificial neural networks (ANNs) to test computational models of language understanding. 

Evelina Fedorenko and Mark Richardson

Study population and setting:

  • Participants include individuals with intractable epilepsy undergoing temporary implantation of subdural electrode arrays and depth electrodes to localize epileptogenic zones before brain resection.

Data generated:

  • Intracranial recordings and task data will be archived on DABI and OSF.


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