Corner Bakery Lunch

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All orders must be received by 4 pm EDT on Tuesday, October 22nd.


Corner Bakery Cafe instructions

Please follow the instructions outlined below.


Ordering your boxed lunch:   

  1. Go to the Corner Bakery Cafe catering link:
  2. Click “order online” on the top right-hand corner
    1. Please use zip code: 20892
  3. Location: Westlake
  4. Click: “Catering Pick-up or Delivery
    1. Order type: Pick-Up {*this is correct}
    2. Date:  10/24/2019
    3. Pick-up time: 11:15-11:30am
    4. Number of guests: (number of people you have ordered for.) This is generally 1
    5. Show locations near: Natcher Conference Center 45 Center Dr. Bethesda, MD 20892
    6. Select "Westlake"
    7. Click "Proceed to menu"
    8. Select Lunch/ Dinner, then scroll down to: Individual Ordering or Iunch boxes on the left-hand side
    9. Make Selection, follow website instructions - there will be no delivery charge, gratuity is optional
    10. Under Special Instructions and Order Note: IMAG 2019 ML-MSM {*important}
  5. Repeat above steps to purchase a separate order for  October 25th as well.
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