Decoding and Selective Modulation of Human Memory During Awake/Sleep Cycles

Investigator Names  Itzhak Fried1, Matthew Howard3, John Sakon1, Dawn Eliashiv1, Richard Staba1, Vwani Roychowdury2, Gina Poe2, Kirill Nourski3, Hiroto Kawasaki3 NA
Institutions 1UCLA Medicine
3University of Iowa College of Medicine
Grant support: NIH BRAIN
Performance period  September 2021 - August 2026

Goal: A transformative understanding of memory processes during sleep. We combine human single neuron/local field potential recordings and electrical and auditory stimulation with the computational power of artificial intelligence to decode and modulate selective memories before, during, and after sleep.

Study population and setting:

  • Epilepsy patients undergoing clinical evaluation with implanted depth electrodes voluntarily perform memory tasks during their hospital stay.
  • We record data using microelectrodes and clinical macroelectrodes using Neuralynx, Blackrock, and Ripple systems

Data generated:

  • Microelectrode single neuron and micro-LFP recordings, macroelectrode LFP recordings, audio data, and behavior.
  • Data will be archived via the Data Archive for The BRAIN Initiative (DABI)


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