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Defense Health - Medical Modeling, Simulation, and Training: Developer Tools and Shared ResourcesPresenter: Kevin Kunkler, U.S. Army Medical Research & Materiel Command (USAMRMC) IPA - Univ. of Maryland School of MedicineBio:

Dr. Kevin Kunkler currently serves as Chair and Portfolio Manager for Joint Program Committee 1 (JPC-1) Medical Modeling, Simulation and Training at Ft. Detrick, MD. Dr. Kunkler received his medical degree from Indiana Univ. School of Medicine and proceeded to Vanderbilt Univ. Dept. of Surgery for his surgical residency. Dr. Kunkler served as VP and Medical Director at Immersion Medical prior to joining the Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine as Instructor. He is loaned to US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) to assist the JPC-1 in providing strategic direction for medial modeling, simulation and training and oversee the programmatic component for military medical simulation and training research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) awards. Dr. Kunkler has also received his Masters in Regulatory Science from Johns Hopkins University. He has additional interest in medical robotics especially with surgical applications and bio-mathematical modeling for medical device applications.


Brief overview / summary of some of the Dept. of Defense investments within medical modeling, simulation, and training on the topic of developer tools for medical education and shared resources to medical simulation systems developers. One of the ultimate aims of these investments are too research, develop, and transition trans-disciplinary, open source training platforms, toolkits, and models that allows the shift from developing basic medical training technology to generation of evidence-based training content to improve patient safety, maximize return on investment, increase available training opportunities, and minimize training burden