Dynamic Neural Mechanisms of Audiovisual Speech Perception

Investigator Names 

Contact PI: Michael Beauchamp1co-Is: Daniel Yoshor1, John Magnotti1

co-PI: Charles Schroeder2co-Is: Guy McKhann2, Dion Khodagholy2, Jennifer Gelinas2, Saskia Haegens2, Nora Vanegas-Arroyave2

Site PI: Sameer Sheth3


1University of Pennsylvania

2Columbia University

3Baylor College of Medicine

Grant support:

NIH BRAIN, U01NS113339

Performance period  September 2019 - May 2024

Goal: Understanding the dynamics of the neural computations underlying speech perception, especially integration of face and voice, within superior temporal cortex at the mesoscale.

Study population and setting:

  • Epilepsy patients in the epilepsy monitoring unit (E.M.U.)

  • Standard clinical electrodes (E.M.U. at all sites); NeuroGrid (intraoperative at UPenn)

Data generated:

  • Software analyzed and archived using RAVE software. Upload to user archive of choice, including DABI, DANDI and OpenNeuro. 


http://beauchamplab.com; http://rave.wiki

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