Government Funding Agency Panel - New Initiatives and Grantsmanship

The Interagency Modeling and Analysis Group (IMAG) currently has participants from seven federal agencies of the U.S. government. This group was formed in 2003 and meets monthly solely from the interest of the program officers involved, who have a shared interest in applying modeling and analysis methods to biomedical systems. This panel will discuss various funding initiatives and opportunities supported by the IMAG agencies, in addition to the Multiscale Modeling Initiative that created the Consortium that is presenting at this meeting. This panel will also bring together agency representatives from various foreign countries to discuss the worldwide efforts that are currently being promoted to model the physiome.


Name Email Institution
Grace Peng NIH/NIBIB
Jennifer Couch NIH/NCI
Tom Russell NSF/DMS
Ron White NASA
Karin Johansson European Commission
Peter Lyster NIH/NIGMS
Susan Gregurick DOE
Robert Jaeger US Department of Veterans Affairs
German Cavelier NIH/NIMH
Bill Schultz NSF/CBET
Katie Serrano NIH/NIBIB
Suzanne Fortier President of NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada)
Malgorzata Klosek NIH/CSR

Panel Structure (5 mins each) - brief introduction of entity represented and highlights of special interest to multiscale modelers, open question and answer discussion at end

12-12:15 - Attendees pick up lunches

12:15-1:00 - Presentations below

1:00-1:25 - Question and Answer

1. Suzanne Fortier, NSERC

2. Grace Peng, Katie Serrano, IMAG

3. Karin Johansson, EC

4. Tom Russell, Bill Schultz, NSF

5. Susan Gregurick, DOE

6. Ron White, NASA

7. Bob Jaeger, USDVA‎

8. Jennifer Couch, Peter Lyster, German Cavelier, Grace Peng, NIH

9. Malgorzata Klosek, NIH-CSR


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