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IMAG Futures Meeting
The Impact of Modeling on Biomedical Research

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Charge to Participants: 

In the context of each of the five biological scales, participants should address:

a) How modeling has impacted various research fields (success stories and mechanisms)? Is it the onus on modelers to prove that their models are useful to someone else?

b) To what extent has the broader research communities accepted modeling as a critical tool for driving research or policy (what has worked and what hasn't worked)?

c) In what ways can modeling further impact the broader research communities (how far can we go)?

d) What are the major challenges to overcome (how do we get there)?

These questions should be addressed also in the context of the following specific issues:

  1. The current perception of modeling in the biomedical and clinical research community, what needs to change to encourage more acceptance?
  2. Future biomedical and clinical applications for models, based on current success stories, things that couldn't be solved w/o models, time to cure – e.g. comparative effectiveness research
  3. Future directions for model development – e.g. explicit models for predictions versus implicit or embedded models in technology, enabling technologies and infrastructures for modeling
  4. Model validation and the availability of appropriate data
  5. Uncertainty quantification and predictability of outcomes
  6. The current state of model development – e.g. community-developed versus custom-made models
  7. The current state of peer review for modeling research – e.g. changes that need to occur in the community


Meeting Template - for ALL slides

  • Because slides will be shown by videocast they must be simple with less than 3 points per page and lots of white space.
  • For further reference see [NIH Videocast]

Sample Slide: Media:IMAG_Futures_Sample_slide.ppt‎

Notes to Scale Group Chairs

  • Please arrange to have all presentation slides posted here, IFM_Agenda or sent to Stephanie Sabourin, by noon ET December 14, 2009
  • Please use the sample slide template to create Summary Reports
  • Summary Reports need to reference the above charge topics (e.g. a5, b3, or grouped)
  • Please post Summary Reports on the wiki immediately after the meeting here, IFM_Agenda
  • Summary Reports will be open for public commentary until January 16, 2010
  • Final Written Reports must be completed by February 16, 2010
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