Influence of task complexity and sensory feedback on cortical control of grasp force

Investigator Names  Jennifer Collinger, Aaron Batista, Michael Boninger, Robert Gaunt, Brian Dekleva, Jorge Gonzalez-Martinez, Steven Chase, Byron Yu
Institutions University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University
Grant support: NIH BRAIN, U01NS123125
Performance period  Sept 2021- Aug 2026


Study Investigators






Goal: We aim to quantify motor cortical dynamics associated with static and dynamic grasping behaviors. Further, we will characterize the impact of somatosensory feedback on motor cortical dynamics and cortico-cortical sensorimotor communication.   

M1-S1 Responses and Communication










Study population and setting:

  • Participants include individuals with upper limb paralysis who have an intracortical sensorimotor brain-computer interface implanted as part of clinical trial 
  • Study is conducted under an FDA Investigational Device Exemption

Data generated:


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