Neurostimulation and Recording of Real World Spatial Navigation in Humans

Investigator Names  Nanthia Suthana, Barbara Knowlton, Itzhak Fried, John Stern, Dawn Eliashiv, Matthias Stangl, Vikram Rao, Cory Inman, Casey Halpern, Vivek Buch 
Institutions University of California Los Angeles, University of California San Francisco, University of Utah, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University 
Grant support: NIH BRAIN, U01NS117838  
Performance period  2020-2025


Goal: The purpose of this study is to understand the neural mechanisms that support real world spatial navigation in humans using deep brain recordings and stimulation during virtual reality (VR), augmented reality, and real world memory tasks. We will determine the cognitive (i.e., memory) and behavioral (i.e., body, head, eye position and movement) factors that modulate deep brain activity and the consequent effects of memory-enhancing deep brain stimulation.

Study population and setting:

  • Participants implanted with the NeuroPace Responsive Neurostimulator (RNS®) for clinical evaluation and treatment of epilepsy.
  • NeuroPace RNS 

Data generated:

  • Local field potentials, eye tracking data, scalp EEG data, motion tracking data, and behavior. We use the DABI archive for the release of datasets. 


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