Population and Policy Modeling Working Group

Many issues, questions, and decisions seemingly at the population and policy levels are, in fact, multi-scale issues, questions, and decisions. For example, obesity prevention and control policies may have to account for systems that cross a wide range of scales such as cellular, organ, individual, social network, environmental, and economic scales. Not accounting for these different scales can result in policies and interventions that are band-aids not solutions, that are unsustainable, and that have consequences not accounted for including unintended consequences. Unaided, accounting for these different scales can be challenging. Therefore, as described in an article in Forbes, multi-scale modeling has tremendous potential to help a wide variety of decision-makers such as business leaders, community leaders, funders, health officials, and policy-makers. 

Goals and Objectives
  • Build a community of those interested in multi-scale modeling at the population and policy-level.
  • Advance the science of multi-scale modeling for population-level decision making.
  • Advance the use of multi-scale modeling for population-level decision making.  


Additional Information

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Working Group Activities


Please contact the Working Group leads:

Gary An, MD  <gary.an@med.uvm.edu>

Bruce Y. Lee, MD MBA (Twitter: @bruce_y_lee)