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  1.  ALBER, MARK  - Multiscale modeling and empirical study of a mechanism limiting blood clot growth
  2. AN, GARY (contact) - Agent-based Modeling to address the Crisis of Reproducibility and Precision Medicine (simulation-based machine/active learning and deep reinforcement learning)
  3. BASSINGTHWAIGHTE, JAMES B (contact); BEARD, DANIEL A; DASH, RANJAN K; MCCULLOCH, ANDREW D - Analyzing the Cardiac Power Grid: Adaptive responses to fluctuating local demand
  4. BLUESTEIN, DANNY  - Multiscale Modeling of Blood Flow and Platelet Mediated Thrombosis
  5. CANNON, WILLIAM R (contact); DUNLAP, JAY C - Multiscale Modeling of Circadian Rhythms
  6. DIAMOND, SCOTT L - Multiscale Analysis of Trauma
  7. FIGUEROA, CARLOS ALBERTO (contact); BAEK, SEUNGIK ; DORFMAN, ADAM LEE - Image-based Multi-scale Modeling Framework of the Cardiopulmonary System: Longitudinal Calibration and Assessment of Therapies in Pediatric Pulmonary Hypertension
  8. GENIN, GUY M (contact); THOMOPOULOS, STAVROS  - Cross-scale interactions between mineral and collagen for tendon-bone attachment
  9. GLAZIER, JAMES ALEXANDER (contact); DUNN, KENNETH W; KLAUNIG, JAMES E - Development of a Multiscale Mechanistic Simulation of Acetaminophen Induced Liver
  10. HENSON, MICHAEL  (contact); HERZOG, ERIK ; KEVREKIDIS, YANNIS G - Multiscale Modeling of the Mammalian Circadian Clock: The Role of GABA Signaling
  11. KAPLAN, DAVID L (contact); BUEHLER, MARKUS J - Models to Predict Protein Biomaterial Performance
  12. KIRSCHNER, DENISE E (contact); DARTOIS, VERONIQUE ; FLYNN, JOANNE L; LINDERMAN, JENNIFER JEAN - A Multi-scale systems pharmacology approach to TB therapy
  13. LAZZI, GIANLUCA  (contact); BERGER, THEODORE W - Predictive modeling of bioelectric activity on mammalian multilayered neuronal st
  14. LEE, BRUCE Y - Virtual Population Obesity Prevention (VPOP) Labs: Computational, Multi-Scale Models for Obesity Solutions
  15. LIN, CHING-LONG  - An integrative statistics-guided image-based multi-scale lung model
  16. LYTTON, WILLIAM W - Microconnectomics of neocortex: a multiscale computer model
  17. SANGER, TERENCE D (contact); GISZTER, SIMON F - Multiscale models of neural population control in spinal cord
  18. SCHWABER, JAMES  (contact); VADIGEPALLI, RAJANIKANTH  - Multiscale Model of the Vagal Outflow to the Heart
  19. SOBIE, ERIC A (contact); CHRISTINI, DAVID J - Multiscale modeling to map cardiac electrophysiology between species
  20. VADIGEPALLI, RAJANIKANTH  (contact); HOEK, JOANNES B - Modeling Multiscale Control of Liver Regeneration
  21. ZAMAN, MUHAMMAD HAMID (contact); GERTLER, FRANK B; KAMM, ROGER D; LAUFFENBURGER, DOUGLAS A - Modeling bi-directional signaling and cytoskeletal dynamics in 3D cell migrations
  22. ZHOU, XIAOBO  (contact); YANG, YUNZHI  - Systems Modeling Guided Bone regeneration
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