United Kingdom

Multiscale Modeling Projects

The Physiome Project 

Individual-based modelling of cellular interactions in epithelial tissues. More details available at BiomedTown.

A modelling framework (FLAME - Flexible Large-Scale Agent Modelling Framework) has been developed and is freely available - see Computational Frameworks for Modeling.

Funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the European Community.

More information from Rod Smallwood: mailto:r.smallwood@shef.ac.uk.


Development of a multi-scale, multi-science framework coined Complex Automata for modelling and simulation of complex systems based on a hierarchical aggregation of coupled Cellular Automata and agent-based models. The exemplar used for the project is the regrowth of endothelial tissue following coronary artery stenting. More details available at Coast.

Funded by the European Community.

Unique Resources and Expertise

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