2022 Multicell Virtual Tissue Modeling ONLINE Summer School & Hackathon

2022 Multicell Virtual Tissue Modeling
ONLINE Summer School & Hackathon

Intro to Computational Modeling & Python: July 31st , 2022 (Sun)
Summer School: August 1st - 5th, 2022 (Mon Fri)
Model Building Hackathon: Aug. 6th - 7th, 2022 (Sat/Sun)

Mechanistic modeling is an integral part of contemporary bioscience, used for hypothesis generation and testing, experiment design and interpretation, and the design of therapeutic interventions. The CompuCell3D modeling environment allow researchers to rapidly build and execute complex Virtual Tissue simulations with minimal programming experience CompuCell3D enables biological simulation from the subcellular scale to the tissue scale, such as tumor growth, what happens to tissues and cells when exposed to toxic compounds, viral spread in tissues, early embryonic development, intra/extra cellular biochemical networks, and more. CompuCell3D natively supports SBML and MaBoSS model integration. Try out some example models on NanoHub without any installation https://compucell3D.org/Models-nanoHub.

By the end of the course, participants will have implemented a basic simulation of their biological problem of interest. Post course support and collaboration will be available to continue simulation development.

Python scripting Introduction to Virtual Tissue simulations using CompuCell3D. How to integrate SBML and MaBoSS models into CC3D models. Principles of biological model building and practical examples in diverse biological systems.

Daily Zoom classes with live support and daily group discussion sections. Classes will be held from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM US eastern daylight time (UTC -04:00).

James A Glazier, TJ Sego, James Sluka, Hayden Fennell (Indiana University), Julio Belmonte (NCSU),  Josua Aponte Serrano (NIAID), Gilberto L Thomas, Pedro Cenci Dal Castel (UFRGS), Lorenzo Veschini (King’s College London), Yi Jiang (GSU), Priyom Adhyapok (Duke), and  Maciek Swat

Target Audience
Experimental Biologists, Medical Scientists, Biophysicists, Mathematical Biologists and Computational Biologists (advanced undergraduates to senior faculty) who want to develop multi scale Virtual Tissue simulations or learn how such simulations might help their research. No specific programming or mathematical experience is required.

FREE Registration Enrollment is limited by application only. More course information ias available at https://compucell3d.org/Workshop22.  Kindly apply by June 15th at https://tinyurl.com/CC3D2022 with a cv and a brief statement describing your current research interests and the specific problem you would like to model If you’re currently a student, please include a letter of support from your advisor

www.compucell3d.org | email: compucell3d.iu@gmail.com
twitter: @CompuCell3D | support www.reddit.com/r/CompuCell3D

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