OpenSim Webinar - Automating OpenSim Workflows: An Intro to the OpenSim API in Matlab

The OpenSim project and the National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research (NCSRR) at Stanford invite you to join our next webinar, featuring Christopher Dembia from Stanford University.

Title: Automating OpenSim Workflows: An Intro to the OpenSim API in Matlab
Speaker: Christopher Dembia, Stanford University
Time: Tuesday, July 7, 2020 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time
Registration: Registration is free but required, as space is limited. Click here to register.

The OpenSim Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to automate all aspects of OpenSim: building and modifying OpenSim models, creating and analyzing simulations, creating and modifying motion data, and creating custom algorithms. In this webinar targeted for beginners, Christopher Dembia from the OpenSim development team will introduce you to OpenSim’s API in Matlab, starting from the very basics. He will discuss how to build a point-mass model, simulate it, and then analyze the simulation. He will also discuss key concepts, such as the difference between the Model and State. With this foundation, you’ll be prepared to delve further into the OpenSim API and accomplish your research goals.

Following the presentation, you will have the opportunity to run the demo yourself. Dr. Dembia and others from the OpenSim development team will be available to answer questions and address problems that you may run into.

For both the presentation and the hands-on portion, some Matlab experience is helpful, but not required.

During this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Build an OpenSim model in Matlab
  • Conduct a simulation in Matlab
  • Analyze a simulation in Matlab
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