MSMViral: Charting a Path to Immune Digital Twins and Pandemic Preparedness.

James A. Glazier and Tomas Helikar
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Indiana University, Bloomington and University of Nebraska, Lincoln
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Online presentation to the MSM Viral Pandemics Working Group, December 8, 2022

Since its inception in Fall 2020, MSMViral has built a lively transdisciplinary community of modelers, experimentalists, clinicians, technologists, regulators, journalists, and others. Organized around our weekly virtual seminar series and subgroup meetings, MSMViral has jump-started numerous interdisciplinary collaborations that have led to more than 35 scientific articles, opinion pieces and editorials. The YouTube recordings of the seminars are a publicly available resource of over 130 talks on all aspects of infection and immune response. Two ongoing subgroups on immune response modeling and immune digital twins have flourished and led to funding for workshops in Florida and Paris and a major Center for Immune Digital Twins at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. To go further we need to move forward beyond our current volunteer effort. We have a critical need for large-scale collaboration to take immune modeling from research to clinical deployment. To further this effort, we are establishing a Global Alliance for Immune Prediction and Intervention. We welcome your discussion of past achievements, present activities and short term plans and suggestions for the most practical way for MSMViral and GLIMP to contribute to the future of immune prediction and regulation and pandemic preparedness.

Digital Twins
multiscale modeling