AIRES 4: Machine Learning For Robust Digital Twins


Assured Digital Twins: This track focuses on the technical challenges associated with developing and using robust digital models

Digital Twin Lifecycle Management: This track focuses on the ecosystem and methods necessary for practical use of digital twins

Data Management: This track focuses on all aspects of data relevant to digital twin technology, including sensors and data management

In addition topics associated with detecting and dealing with bias, and diversity, equity, and inclusion associated with the development and use of AI solutions for digital twins are of interest.

The workshop will comprise multiple sessions dedicated to each track, with additional breakout sessions for small-group interactions and brainstorming activities. A workshop report will be produced with input from attendees based on participation in breakout and brainstorming sessions.

The workshop will include

  • Invited talks.
  • Contributed talks and flash talks
  • A poster session
  • Breakout sessions to address specific questions proposed by the program committee and by participants.

Additional details may be obtained from the information sheet.

AIRES 4 is planned as an in-person meeting and will be held at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Please visit (insert link to “How to participate” page here) for more information on how you can participate and to propose technical talks, flash talks, or posters. Participants who wish to lead a breakout session may also propose a topic during this process. The program committee will select from the proposed talks for presentation during the workshop.


See Digital Twins Special Interest Group on the IMAG wiki

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
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