CNS'2020 Workshop: "Tools and resources for developing and sharing models in computational neuroscience"

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This workshop will focus on recent advances in software tools for modeling neurons and neuronal networks at different levels of resolution. Neuroscience is experiencing a rapid growth of data streams characterizing composition, connectivity, and activity of brain networks in ever increasing details. Data-driven modeling will be essential to integrate these multimodal and complex data into predictive simulations to advance our understanding of brain function and mechanisms. We will bring together representatives of many teams that develop computational tools aimed at incorporating and simulating this complexity.

Major topics for discussion will include the established and emerging computational approaches for building and simulating network models, advances in enabling increased access to sophisticated modeling for a broad community of users, and sharing and reproducibility of models. These discussions will serve to promote the efficiency, reproducibility, and free exchange of computational models in the community to support advances in many areas of neuroscience.

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