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Explore the intersection of data visualization and cancer

Data are only as useful as the insights we can glean from them. How might recent advances in interactive media and data visualization help illuminate and solve pertinent challenges in cancer research? Join us in a series of virtual events to explore these questions and spark new collaborations between experts in cancer research, data visualization, user-experience, virtual/augmented reality, and game design/development. 




There will be a series of four Micro Labs followed by a virtual poster session and 2-day Expo. Each Micro Lab starts with an inspiring conversation between thought leaders from the Cancer Moonshot and creative visualization experts followed by an opportunity to engage new colleagues from other fields in a fascinating discussion on the frontiers of cancer data visualization

MicroLab 1


MICROLAB 1: August 31, 1:30PM ET

Tracy Fullerton

Director of USC Game Innovation Lab, pursuing experimental design of games in cultural realms including art, science, politics, and learning.


Corrie Painter

Patient advocate and research scientist at the Broad Institute; directs Count Me In, partnering researchers with patients to spread cancer discoveries.

MICROLAB 2: September 1, 2:30PM ET

Joe Gray

Director, OHSU Spatial Systems Biomedicine, creating a multi-scale tumor atlas and using systems analysis of extrinsic and intrinsic factors affecting cancer.


Sabrina Culyba

An independent designer with experience spanning animatronics to theme park rides, virtual/augmented reality, and transformational games.


MicroLab 2

MicroLab 3


MICROLAB 3: September 2, 1:00PM ET

Nils Gehlenborg

Harvard professor integrating visual and computational approaches to support sense-making of biology and reproducible collaborative research across epigenomics and genomics.


Kunle Odunsi

Physician scientist and co-leader of Roswell Park Cancer Center's Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Program, advancing diagnostics and treatments for gynecological cancer patients.

MICROLAB 4: September 4, 11:30AM ET

Lindsay Grace

Knight Chair of interactive media at the University of Miami School of Communication, exploring social impact through design.


Karen Emmons

National Academy member and Director of Harvard's Community Engagement Program employing interdisciplinary approaches to reducing cancer risk and health disparities.


MicroLab 4

POSTER SESSION: September 21-23 (Asynchronous)

What are exciting visualization techniques? What are the data challenges in cancer? Submit your poster with a companion video and enjoy submissions from your peers across data visualization & cancer.


2-DAY EXPO: September 24 & 25, 10AM - 6PM ET

Collaborate with your peers on how to apply data viz to cancer challenges. Join us for an interactive symposium where we'll explore the insights and get a chance to meet and connect with experts from both industries.

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