Stroke Grand Challenge Competition and NMSM Pipeline Training Workshop

This workshop will be held at the upcoming American Society of Biomechanics Conference on August 8.

This workshop will present a new “Stroke Grand Challenge Competition” to be held for the next three years at the American Society of Biomechanics meeting, along with the new Matlab-based “Neuromusculoskeletal Modeling Pipeline” (NMSM Pipeline) that enhances OpenSim with model personalization and treatment optimization functionality. The competition will challenge the research community to use personalized neuromusculoskeletal models to design personalized neurorehabilitation treatments that improve walking function for three individuals post-stroke. Researchers can perform the computational treatment design process using the NMSM Pipeline or any other software. Each year of the competition, extensive experimental walking data (video motion capture, split-belt instrumented treadmill, surface and fine-wire EMG, and metabolic cost) collected from a different individual post-stroke will be released to the research community on, along with a personalized neuromusculoskeletal model developed using the NMSM Pipeline and OpenSim. Researchers will use a personalized model and predictive walking optimizations to design a personalized neurorehabilitation intervention that maximizes recovery of bilateral walking symmetry and normal walking speed. The workshop will be presented in two parts. The first part will describe the “Stroke Grand Challenge Competition” and NMSM Pipeline software, including the four-phase model personalization process (joint, muscle-tendon, neural control, and ground contact model personalization) and three-phase treatment optimization process (tracking, verification, and prediction optimization). The second part will present interactive training tutorials for each phase of the model personalization and treatment optimization process.

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Knoxville, TN
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