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The trans-NCI Artificial Intelligence (AI) Working Group is proud to announce a series of meetings focused on discussing "Equitable and Engaged AI to Advance Biomedical Research." These meetings will bring together diverse subject matter experts from both the United States and the European Union to facilitate robust discussions and collaborative efforts in the field of equitable and engaged AI. The objective of these meetings is to maximize interactivity, facilitate collaboration building, and encourage open sharing of information and novel ideas.

The series consists of three meetings each exploring various AI topics relevant to cancer research, with a specific focus on the following areas:


July 25th from 9am -12pm EDT
Meeting 1- Privacy Preserving AI: This session centers around AI techniques (e.g., federated learning) and ethical considerations that aim to safeguard and uphold the privacy of participants' data.


July 26th from 9am -12pm EDT
Meeting 2- Community/Patient Engaged AI for Biomedical Research: This session showcases technologies and tools that foster patient engagement in cancer research. It builds upon the well-established tradition of community-based participatory research in the U.S. and the EU, while incorporating the latest advancements in explainable AI.


July 28th from 9am -12pm EDT
Meeting 3 - Ethical AI and the Inclusion of Underserved Communities: This session aims to explore the ethical use of AI and foster the inclusion of underserved communities. It builds upon the principles of explainable AI, trust in AI, and technical strategies to address challenges associated with limited data sets and data annotation.


NCI Planning Committee

Jennifer Couch, Ph.D.
Sylvia Gayle, Ph.D.
Freddie Pruitt, Ph.D.

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