Visualizing Data in Context for Novel Insights Innovation Lab 

Visualizing Data in Context for Novel Insights Innovation Lab 

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) invites you to apply for the Visualizing Data in Context for Novel Insights Innovation Lab to be held November 1-5, 2021. If you’re interested in applying your expertise to address how cancer researchers and clinicians interact with increasingly complex, multi-dimensional data, then we encourage you to participate!



For mathematical modelers and cancer researchers, this is an exciting opportunity to partner experts in data visualization, immersive media, game development, and user centered design to help improve scientific understanding of increasingly complex biological data. Multi-modal, multi-dimensional cancer data encompass unique design challenges around information context and user perspective, areas where cross-disciplinary teams can bring targeted, synergistic expertise.

This Innovation Lab will bring together experts in UX, data visualization, game design, and immersive media together with cancer researchers, biologists, and imaging scientists interested in forming new collaborations around developing innovative approaches for visualizing and contextualizing multi-dimensional cancer data. Over the course of an intensive five days of mentoring, interdisciplinary teams will work together to form, pitch, and develop project sketches that address challenges to interacting with and gaining visual insights from complex cancer data. Could your expertise help to create a data interaction paradigm that unlocks a new generation of cancer insights?

If you’re interested, please complete and submit an application to attend by September 8th

Any Questions? 

Please contact Dave Miller for additional information about the Innovation Lab. 

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