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paper was product of joint work between Computational Neuroscience working group and Committee for Credible Practice of Modeling & Simulation in Healthcare (CPMS): Credibility, Replicability, and Reproducibility in Simulation for Biomedicine and Clinical Applications in Neuroscience.

Journal publication information

Mulugeta, L., Drach, A., Erdemir, A., Hunt, C.A., Horner, M., Ku, J.P., Myers, J.G., Vadigepalli, R., and Lytton, W.W. (2018). Credibility, replicability, and reproducibility in simulation for biomedicine and clinical applications in neuroscience. Front. Neuroinform. 12, 18.

Validation domain of a computational model for a range of input parameters and outputs (system responses). Red diamonds represent the validation setpoints, where comparisons between the computational model and applicable referents were conducted by discrete simulations performed in each referentsub-domain. The range of parameters evaluated establishes the Validation Domain (green ellipse), which will define the extent of the Application Domain (large blueellipse) where model performance has established cred