Daily snacks: 10:30 AM & 3:30 PM

NSR will provide light snacks during breaks at 10:30 AM (coffee, tea, pastries) and 3:30 PM (cold drinks, cheese & crackers) on the observation deck of the Vista Cafe, located in the S. Foege Building. Directions: Exit N. Foege at the South end on the 1st floor (same floor as N140 classroom), walk 50 feet across courtyard to S. Foege building. Walk length of S. Foege building, by the Vista Cafe to the observation deck.

Lunch and Dinner options

On campus, the Rotunda Cafe (~500 feet E. of Foege) is the nearest option, open 7AM-5PM, with various sandwich, soup and cold items all day and hot entrees and pasta at lunch. The Rotunda Cafe is nearby, but hard to find the first time. Walk there with a native the first time. (Note: The nearby Vista Cafe is closed this week.)

Better and cheaper food is available on University Way NE, AKA "The Ave", located 1 block E. of the Foege building. There are dozens of restaurants and cafes between 42nd and 50th streets (the Foege building is at about 39th street). Walk N. on 15th Ave from Foege to 42nd Ave, W. 1 block to University Way, then N. until you find a restaurant that suits you. Some favorites of this author are below, listed from South to North:

  • Big Time Brewery and Ale House: sandwiches, pizza and cold beer on tap. Nice place on a hot day. 4133 University Way NE.
  • Samurai Noodle: authentic Japanese ramen house, lots of interesting variety an fast service. 4138 University Way NE.
  • A Burger Place: nice custom burgers & fries. 4234 University Way NE. (Do not confuse with the vile Burger Hut).
  • Araya: Vegetarian Thai food. 1121 NE 45th (3 blocks E. of University Way at 45th Street).
  • Jewel of India: nice, inexpensive India lunch buffet. 4735 University Way NE.
  • The Nook: beautifully done French bistro sandwiches and soups. Very limited seating. 4754 University Way NE.
  • Cedar's: Indian and middle Eastern food. 4759 Brooklyn Ave NE (1 block E. of University Way at 50th Street).

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