JSim Bifurcation Analysis


Bifurcation analysis explores mulitple stationary states, both stable and unstable, within a model. There are several approaches within JSim:

  • Problems with multiple stable stationary states can be explored by writing the analysis directly within the model. Curated NSR Physiome models using this approach can be found by searching for 'bifurcation' in the model search page here.
  • A bifurcation analysis tab for JSim is currently under development. In this tab, the user specify a parameter of interest and a range of exploration. The analysis with link to the AUTO package to generate a bifurcation diagram. The AUTO package allow exploration of both stable and unstable stationary states.
  • Export of JSim models to XPP/XPPAUT is currently under development. Once complete, users may export their models to the XPPAUT system for bifurcation analysis there.

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