JSim Model Standards and NSR Physiome General Modeling Guidelines

These standards and guidelines are to be used towards making models, and the science behind them, reproducible. Please see the following slideshow that was given as an introduction to 'Reproducibilty in Modeling' at the Fall, 2013 BMES meeting:

BMES 2013 meeting, Seattle, WA

Useful documents (templates and guidelines)

  1. Modeling Standards checklists.
  2. JSim Model template (guidelines).
  3. Example Model Web page for publishing a model at www.physiome.org

Please see Defining standards for good modeling practice by JB Bassingthwaighte for information on the emerging model classification standards.

Suggested Terminology for physiological transport, exchange, and reaction, 

(Document 2)92.34 KB

 is an up-to-date (2005) expansion of Bassingthwaighte JB, Chinard FP, Crone C, Goresky CA, Lassen NA, Reneman RS, and Zierler KL. Terminology for mass transport and exchangeAm J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 250: H539-H545, 1986.

Submit Your Model To This Web Site

To submit a relevant model, please see contact page for more information. Please be sure to specify which category and subsequent subcategories are most suitable for your model, or suggest a new category. If submitting a model in JSim MML please follow the following guidelines in formating your model: JSim MML model template.


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