This page allows users to run curated models from the Biomodels Database under JSim. To run these models online, you must have a Java plugin installed in your WWW browser. To run them in JSim on your own computer, download the model code and the JSim application. Either way, see Running JSim for instructions on how to use JSim. Since these models do not specify simulation time length or delta, these must be set by the user before running the model.


  • Models on this page require JSim version 2.03 or higher.
  • JSim does not yet support SBML events. Those models containing SBML events will show warnings in the translated MML source code.
  • Updated curated EMBL-EBI Biomodels on 24, April 2019.

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Currently available curated models

Terms of use

  • Number of models in this archive: 710
  • Number of models currently runnable under JSim: 643
  • Number of runnable models containing unsupported events: 130

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BIO0001 : Edelstein1996 - EPSP ACh event
BIO0002 : Edelstein1996 - EPSP ACh species
BIO0003 : Goldbeter1991 - Min Mit Oscil
BIO0004 : Goldbeter1991 - Min Mit Oscil, Expl Inact
BIO0005 : Tyson1991 - Cell Cycle 6 var
BIO0006 : Tyson1991 - Cell Cycle 2 var
BIO0007 : Novak1997 - Cell Cycle
BIO0008 : Gardner1998 - Cell Cycle Goldbeter
BIO0009 : Huang1996 - Ultrasensitivity in MAPK cascade
BIO0010 : Kholodenko2000 - Ultrasensitivity and negative feedback bring oscillations in MAPK cascade
BIO0011 : Levchenko2000 MAPK noScaffold
BIO0012 : Elowitz2000 - Repressilator
BIO0013 : Poolman2004 CalvinCycle
BIO0014 : Levchenko2000 MAPK Scaffold
BIO0015 : Curto1998 - purine metabolism
BIO0016 : Goldbeter1995 CircClock
BIO0017 : Hoefnagel2002 PyruvateBranches
BIO0018 : Morrison1989 - Folate Cycle
BIO0019 : Schoeberl2002 - EGF MAPK
BIO0020 : hodgkin-huxley squid-axon 1952