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The half-life for ingestion of low, middle, and high concentrations of Salicylic acid are computed for three separate experiments.


Assume the removal of salicylic acid from the plasma in a human
body is a simple decay process. The governing equation would be

		d[SA]/dt = -k*[SA].

where k is the rate constant and [SA] is the concentration of
salicylic acid.

Given the initial condition at t=t.min (time=0)
SA=SA0, the solution is

		[SA(t)] = SA0*exp(-k*t).

The equation for the half life is

		SA0/2 = SA0*exp(-k*thalf). Solving for k,


The data for  low dose aspirin ingestion [Benedek et al., 1995] is 
based on averaged plasma concentrations from 10 healthy male 
volunteers who ingested an 80 mg tablet of aspirin. The last  seven 
points were digitized from the authors' figure (their Figure 1, 
right panel, dose period 1, open squares). 

The data for mid dose aspirin ingestion [Aarons et al., 1989] is 
based on averaged plasma concentrations from 9 female and 9 male 
healthy volunteers, who ingested 1000 mg of lysine acetyl salicylate. 
The last eleven points were digitized from authors' figure (their 
Figure 4, the solid triangles indicating oral administration of the 

The data for  the high dose aspirin ingestion [Prescott et al., 1982] 
is based on averaged plasma concentrations from 16 patients being 
treated for mild salicylism (plasma salicylate concentrations 
250-400 mg/L). The last nine points were digitized from authors' 
figure (their Figure 1, open circles). In the aspirin overdose cases,
the authors were attempting to discern best treatment methods. 

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1. Aarons L, Hopkins K, Rowland M, Brossel S, Thiercelin JF.  Route 
of administration and sex differences in the pharmacokinetics of 
aspirin, administered as its lysine salt. Pharmaceutical Res 6: 
660-666, 1989

2. Benedek IH, Joshi AS, Pieniaszek HJ, SY King SY,  Kornhauser DM. 
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aspirin in healthy male volunteers. J.  Clin. Pharmacol 35: 1181-1186, 

3. Prescott LF, Balali-Mood M, Critchley JA, Johnstone AF, Proudfoot AT. 
Diuresis or urinary alkalinisation for salicylate poisoning? Br Med J 
(Clin Res Ed). 1982 November 13; 285(6352): 1383–1386.
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