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A mathematical model of a rabbit sinoatrial node cell. Demir, S., J. Clark, C. Murphey, and W. Giles. Am. J. Physiol. Cell Physiol. 266: C832-C852, 1994.



A mathematical model for the electrophysiological 
responses of a rabbit sinoatrial node cell that is 
based on whole cell recordings from enzymatically 
isolated single pacemaker cells at 37 degrees C has 
been developed. The ion channels, Na(+)-K+ and Ca2+ 
pumps, and Na+-Ca2+ exchanger in the surface membrane 
(sarcolemma) are described using equations for these 
known currents in mammalian pacemaker cells.  The 
extracellular environment is treated as a diffusion-
limited space, and the myoplasm contains Ca2+-binding 
proteins (calmodulin and troponin). Original features 
of this model include 1) new equations for the hyper-
polarization-activated inward current, 2) assessment 
of the role of the transient-type Ca2+ current during 
pacemaker depolarization, 3) inclusion of an Na+ 
current based on recent experimental data, and 4) 
demonstration of the possible influence of pump and 
exchanger currents and background currents on the 
pacemaker rate. This model provides acceptable fits
to voltage-clamp and action potential data and can be 
used to seek biophysically based explanations of the 
electrophysiological activity in the rabbit sinoatrial 
node cell. 

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 Demir, S., J. Clark, C. Murphey, and W. Giles. A mathematical model
 of a rabbit sinoatrial node cell.  Am. J. Physiol. Cell Physiol.
 266: C832-C852, 1994.

Demir, Semahat S., John W. Clark, and Wayne R.Giles. Parasympathetic modulation of sinoatrial node pacemaker activity in rabbit heart: a unifying model. Am J Physiol Heart Circ 276: H2221-H2244, 1999.

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Key terms
action potential simulation
muscarinic receptors
junctional receptor
extrajunctional receptor
phase sensitivity
phase-response curve
steady-state entrainment
cardiac pacemaker cell
whole cell voltage clamp
Hodgkin-Huxley model

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