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The Michailova-McCulloch model extends the Winslow Jaffri Rice model by adding the buffering by MgATP and MgADP as well as by calmodulin.


 Michailova-McCulloch (2001) model for the Canine action potential is built upon the 
 Winslow (1999) and Goldstein (2000) models. This version contains further modifications:

 1.) Isolation of the Subsarcolemmal apposition space to allow mass balance checks. 
     (Search term is rxfer_Cai and rxferSR.)

 2.) Addition of a stretch activated channels in accord with Sachs (2001) with Vetter 
     and McCulloch Ann Biomed Eng 29(5): 414-426,. (Search terms for this are Istr, 
     gbarstr, Estr, alphastr and betastr.)

 3.) The transfer time constant between the subspace and the cytosol for free Ca is 
     changed to a rate constant, so that it can be set to zero, for the purpose of 
     isolating the parts of the model for checking mass balance. All the tau's are 
     put in terms of physical events: diffusion of solutes across a distance between 
     subspace and cytosol, where there is a finite area for exchange.

 4.) Further changes by Jim Bassingthwaighte on Oct 18, '01, with Fred Sachs, to add 
     a stretch channel, Istr, assuming passive flux of cation with a reversal potential 
     Estr, taken to be between -20 and 0 mV, and a conductance not dependent on time 
     or voltage, but dependent on length of sarcomere. See Vetter and McCulloch 2001.

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The equations for this model may be viewed by running the JSim model applet and clicking on the Source tab at the bottom left of JSim's Run Time graphical user interface. The equations are written in JSim's Mathematical Modeling Language (MML). See the Introduction to MML and the MML Reference Manual. Additional documentation for MML can be found by using the search option at the Physiome home page.

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