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 Veloicty profiles in straight cylinders. Poiseuille Flow is parabolic (Model 2). Slip at wall is Roevros (Model 1) Two phase flow model (Wang Model 3) has lower viscosity at wall.


   Adjustable intravascular velocity profiles in straight tubes.
   A model allowing flattening of the velocity profile, 
   parabolic at its maximum, and allowing slip at the 
   wall. Follows various equations:
   1. Roevros 1974 (Roevros JMJG Analog processing of 
      CW-Doppler flowmeter signals... In "Cardiovascular 
      applications of ultrasound" Ed. by RS Reneman, 
      Amsterdam-London, North-Holland Publ Co. 1974 pp43-54
   v(r) = vmax (1- [ar/R + b]^K), for a>0,
          a allows for a non-zero interfcept at the wall
          b gives shift away from vessel center
          K=2 for parabolic flow, and K>2 for flattening
     vmean = mean veloc = flow/(PI*R^2)
   2. Poiseuille Flow v(r) = 2.0*vmean*(1-(r/R)^2)
   3. 2-phase flow in straight tube. Derived from curved
      tube model of Wang and JBB 2003, in the Appendix.

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 of endothelial cell function and structure - in the arterila system in vivo. 
 Discrepancies with theory. J. Vasc Res. 43: 251-259, 2006.
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 Roevros JMJG pp 43-54 in 1. Reneman et al 2006

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Key terms
intravascular velocity
shear rate
Poiseuille Flow
blood flow

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