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This Gentex-based model simulates the transport and metabolism processes of exogenous Xa in the isolated, perfused non-working guinea pig heart, based on data from the multiple-indicator dilution technqiue (MID).


This model simulates the transport and metabolism processes of exogenous Xanthine (Xa) and its metabolite utric acid 
in the isolated, perfused non-working guinea pig heart, based on the data acquired with the multiple-indicator 
dilution technqiue under the normoxia condition [Schwartz 1999].
The model were developed based on a gentric tissues exchange model,Gentex [Bassingthwaight 2006], 
which is a whole organ model of the vascular network providing intraorgan 
flow heterogeneity and accounts for substrate transmembrane transport, binding, and metabolism 
in erythrocytes, plasma, endothelial cells, interstitial space, and cardiomyocytes.

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Figure: Top: Model fit to the dilution curve for the intravascular reference tracer, Albumin (blue), and extravascular reference tracer, L-Glucose (purple). Input function (green), assume a Lag-normal distribution, was derived from curve fitting the dilution curve for the intravascular reference. Bottom: Model fit for the dilution curve of injected tracer Xa (black) and its metabolite UA (red).


The equations for this model may be viewed by running the JSim model applet and clicking on the Source tab at the bottom left of JSim's Run Time graphical user interface. The equations are written in JSim's Mathematical Modeling Language (MML). See the Introduction to MML and the MML Reference Manual. Additional documentation for MML can be found by using the search option at the Physiome home page.

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Key terms
purine nucleoside metabolism
convection diffusion reaction model
uric acid
xanthine oxidase
axially distributed blood tissue exchange processes
constrained parameter estimation
simultaneous optimization
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