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A Gestalt inference model for auditory scene segregation

What is being modeled?
Segregation of sounds in the auditory system
Description & purpose of resource

The auditory stream segregation model leverages the multiplexed and non-linear representation of sounds along an auditory hierarchy and learns local and global statistical structure naturally emergent in natural and complex sounds. The three key components of the architecture are : (1) A stochastic network RBM layer that encodes two-dimensional input spectrogram into localized specto-temporal bases based on short term feature analysis; (2) A dynamic aRBM that captures the long-term temporal dependencies across spectro-temporal bases characterizing the transformation of sound from fast changing details to slower dynamics. (3) A temporal coherence layer that mimics the Hebbian process of binding local and global details together to mediate the mapping from feature space to formation of auditory objects.

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