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NCI-DOE Collaboration Capabilities

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The NCI-Department of Energy (DOE) partnership enables future research by making computational tools, algorithms, data sets, and other capabilities resulting from this collaboration available to the broader research community. NCI has established a Capability Transfer Team to help researchers understand, access, implement, and extend the capabilities offered under this initiative. To explore ways you can collaborate, contact our team at

The Joint Design of Advanced Computing Solutions for Cancer (JDACS4C) program is a focal point of the strategic, interagency collaboration between NCI and DOE to simultaneously accelerate developments in precision oncology and advanced scientific computing.

Based on a multidisciplinary team science approach, JDACS4C’s three research pilots were co-designed by NCI and DOE, align with several existing NCI and DOE programs, and are jointly led by NCI- and DOE-supported scientists. These teams include scientists from NCI and Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research (FNLCR); and experts from DOE national laboratories, principally ArgonneLawrence LivermoreLos Alamos, and Oak Ridge.

This is a listing of  NCI-DOE Collaboration capabilities available for public use. For a listing of publications:

Bronchiole Capillary exchange
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