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PsyTrack: tracking behavioral parameters

What is being modeled?
changes in decision-making strategy over trials
Description & purpose of resource

Understanding how animals update their decision-making behavior over time is an important problem in neuroscience. Decision-making strategies evolve over the course of learning, and continue to vary even in well-trained animals. However, the standard suite of behavioral analysis tools is ill-equipped to capture the dynamics of these strategies. We present a flexible method for characterizing time-varying behavior during decision-making experiments. With this approach, we can uncover the detailed evolution of an animal’s strategy during learning, including adaptation to time-varying task statistics, suppression of sub-optimal strategies, and shared behavioral dynamics between subjects within an experimental population.

Spatial scales
whole organism
Temporal scales
1 - 103 s
This resource is currently
a demonstration or a framework to be built upon (perhaps with a sample implementation)
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Jonathan Pillow
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