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Reference in vivo data for anatomy and mechanics of multi-layer tissue structures

What is being modeled?
Skin, fat, muscle layers of musculoskeletal extremities
Description & purpose of resource

Data to understand the mechanics of multi-layer tissue structures of the limbs, particularly of the lower and upper legs and arms. Anatomical and mechanical data were collected on extremities of 100 adult subjects (50 male, 50 female) from the general population. An ultrasound system was instrumented with a load transducer for in vivo characterization of skin, fat, and muscle thicknesses in the extremities at unloaded and loaded (indentation) states. The unloaded state provided anatomic measures of the tissue layers for 48 regions, while the loaded state provided the tissue mechanical response in 8 regions.

Spatial scales
Temporal scales
10-3 - 1 s
1 - 103 s
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mature and useful in ongoing research
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See Technical Validation section of data descriptor listed in key publication.

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The resource emerged from project Operation MULTiS, which contains sister data and models (see

Key publications (e.g. describing or using resource)

Neumann, E. E., Owings, T. M., Schimmoeller, T., Nagle, T. F., Colbrunn, R. W., Landis, B., Jelovsek, J. E., Wong, M., Ku, J. P. and Erdemir, A. (2018) Reference data on thickness and mechanics of tissue layers and anthropometry of musculoskeletal extremities, Scientific Data, 5, 180193.

Ahmet Erdemir
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