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ROOTS: Ruled-Optimum Ordered Tree System

What is being modeled?
Construction of biologically realistic neural models
Description & purpose of resource

ROOTS is a package designed to take experimentally determined morphometric data and return an artificial neuronal arbor which satisfies the user-defined parameters.


Originally this package was written to aid the construction of biologically realistic neural models for use in computational studies of extracellular electrical stimulation but it can be used for diverse neural modeling problems.

Spatial scales
Temporal scales
10-3 - 1 s
1 - 103 s
This resource is currently
mature and useful in ongoing research
Has this resource been validated?
How has the resource been validated?

This resource was validated using a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the generative algorithms, and using a comparison of generated fibers with those observed in histological studies. 

More details are available in the publication:

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ROOTS: An Algorithm to Generate Biologically Realistic Cortical Axons and an Application to Electroceutical Modeling
Clayton S. Bingham, Adam Mergenthal, Jean-Marie C. Bouteiller, Dong Song, Gianluca Lazzi and Theodore W. Berger
Front. Comput. Neurosci., 21 February 2020

Gianluca Lazzi, Theodore W. Berger
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