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SPARC Portal

What is being modeled?
autonomic nervous system control of organ function
Description & purpose of resource

The SPARC Portal provides interactive access to a growing collection of data, maps, and computational studies generated by researchers funded through the NIH SPARC programThese resources focus on the role of the autonomic nervous system in controlling organ function and are made available to the public with the intent of advancing bioelectronic medicine towards more precise treatment of diseases and conditions.

Included in the resource is a powerful computing platform called o2S2PARC, which enables modeling, simulation, data analysis, and visualization directly within your web browser. A growing list of curated computational studies from various SPARC-funded teams is available for virtual experimentation on o2S2PARC.

Spatial scales
whole organism
Temporal scales
10-6 - 10-3 s
10-3 - 1 s
1 - 103 s
weeks to months
This resource is currently
under early-stage development
a demonstration or a framework to be built upon (perhaps with a sample implementation)
likely to be usable without detailed knowledge of its internals
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