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StochSS: an integrated development environment for simulation of biochemical networks

What is being modeled?
Biochemical systems at a wide range of scales
Description & purpose of resource

Discrete stochastic simulation has become an important and widely-used tool for modeling of biological systems at the molecular scale. At the same time, there is no single place where one can go to develop a discrete stochastic model with increasing levels of complexity: from the early stages, where it may begin as an ODE model, to a well-mixed (spatially homogeneous) discrete stochastic model, to a spatially inhomogeneous stochastic model with complex geometry and multiple internal surfaces, and finally to a spatially inhomogeneous stochastic model where single molecules at a microscopic level may interact with molecules modeled mesoscopically. The focus of the StochSS project is to build such a place: an integrated development environment featuring state of the art algorithms as well as a means for the community to add new algorithms and capabilities, supported on a wide range of hardware from desktop workstations to high-performance clusters in the cloud.

Spatial scales
whole organism
Temporal scales
10-3 - 1 s
1 - 103 s
weeks to months
This resource is currently
mature and useful in ongoing research
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Test models, SBML compliance tests

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Biochemical Models

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Stochastic Simulation Service: Bridging the Gap between the Computational Expert and the Biologist

Linda Petzold
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