Multiscale Systems Biology webinar: Discussion of topics for November Riverside Conference

This webinar is the first of a planned series to conduct discussion of key topics in Multiscale Systems Biology, in advance of further focused discussion at our upcoming Conference in Riverside in November. This webinar is hosted by the Multiscale Systems Biology WG.

Webinar information: Tuesday September 19th, 1:30-3:00pm EST. At that time, follow this link to the webinar. Password: 6aeBpk7n

Webinar subject: We will introduce and discuss key questions for the Conference, with a particular focus on Conference Track 1 (see below) for this webinar. The discussion will inform future webinars, including webinars focusing on Tracks 2 and 3.


Conference information: Multi-Scale Systems Biology Methods for Studying Biomedical Processes in Patients Under Stress or with Chronic or Acute Diseases

Location: University of California, Riverside        

Dates: November 15th & 16th, 2017

Conference Website:


Organized by Mark Alber, Feilim Mac Gabhann and Ronan Fleming


Participants will present talks and discuss methods developed to address three main challenges to bridging scales from molecular to clinical by catalyzing collaborations with clinicians.


Conference tracks:


1. Multi-scale modeling of cell behavior and tissue growth in patients under stress conditions or with chronic or acute diseases including, among others, cancer, thrombosis and sepsis. 


2. Multi-scale modeling of therapeutic interventions, including pharmaceuticals as well as gene therapy, cell therapy, and physiological therapy. 


3. Multi-scale modelling of biochemical networks personalized with omics data.


Talks in each of the three tracks will focus on the following topics:


a. Key methodologies for different applications. 


b. Specific examples of biomedical applications and diseases studied.


c. Best practices for establishing collaborations with clinicians.

More detail on the conference at

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Mark Alber
Denise Kirschner
Gary An
Daniel Beard
Danny Bluestein
Jason M. Haugh
C. Anthony Hunt
Andrew D. McCulloch
John Weisel