MSM for Medical Devices


Lead: Gianluca Lazzi <>


  • The MSM for Medical Devices working group aims at emphasizing the direct application of multiscale modeling to the development, design, and safety assessment of medical devices (intended in the broadest sense as rehabilitative systems, reanimation systems, assistive devices, prosthetics, neuroprosthetics, implants)
  • This Working Group has a unique emphasis on multiscale system modeling, spanning biological system, devices, and their interfaces
  • This working group is intended to be cross-disciplinary, leveraging the progress of other MSM working groups
  • The ultimate goal of the MSM Medical Devices working group is to raise awareness of the importance of multiscale modeling in related scientific communities and industry


  • Identify medical devices developed or currently being developed where multiscale modeling has/is/will be used. How did multiscale modeling contribute to the medical device? How can the successes and lessons learned in the application of multiscale modeling for a specific device be leveraged and applied to other medical devices to accelerate their development or deployment?
  • Emphasize the role of multiscale modeling to design, implement and validate patient-specific medical devices in a way that is faster and cheaper than other existing strategies
  • Involve medical device industry representatives currently using or interested in using multiscale modeling toward the development of medical devices 

MSM 2017 (10th Anniversary) meeting Discussion Items

  • Identify researchers, industry representatives, and agencies representatives with interest in advancing the development and application of multiscale modeling for medical devices
  • As a broad interest group, identify medical devices that have benefited or are currently benefiting from multiscale modeling approaches with the goal of bridging findings and approaches across different communities
  • Leverage new journals to increase awareness about the importance of multiscale modeling approaches in medical devices through editorials and special issues (e.g., such as IEEE Journal on Electromagnetics, RF, and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology (launch in 2017) and IEEE Journal on Multiscale and Multiphysics in Computational Methods (launched in 2016))