Digital Atlas Interest Group

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Interest group to discuss issues pertaining to digital atlases across species.

An initial meeting was held on Mar 12, 2021. A brief summary of the meeting: ~75 attendees, with 25 speakers and discussants. The meeting was 2 hours long, with moderated presentation sessions and 1 hr of moderated discussion and wrap up. Species discussed included human, mice, zebrafish, fly, Berghia, octopus, bird, macaque, marmoset.

The agenda for the meeting is available at…

The meeting recording is available at…

The password for viewing is 2^TW4vfN

NIH Liaisons:  Elizabeth Powell (NIAAA); Jim Gnadt (NINDS)

Email list:;;  

Interest group coordinators: Partha Mitra, Florian Engert.

Member List 

U19 Contact PI




Partha Mitra


Florian Engert


Yoav Freund

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