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This Working Group wiki page is created to serve the NIH BRAIN U19 Data Science Consortium
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    U19 Name

    Grant Number

    U19 Contact PI

    Grant Title

    *Ripple - hREM, hippocampal Ripple related Episodic Memory

    Ivan Soltesz

    Towards a Complete Description of the Circuitry Underlying Sharp Wave-Mediated Memory Replay

    *brainCOGS - circuits of COGnitive Systems
    Carlos Brody Mechanisms of neural circuit dynamics in working memory and decision-making
     * MoC3 - Motor Control Circuits, Computation

    Rui Costa

    Computational and circuit mechanisms underlying motor control

     * MSCZ - MultiScale Circuits of Zebrafish

    Florian Engert

    Sensorimotor processing, decision making, and internal states: towards a realistic multiscale circuit model of the larval zebrafish brain

    *FlyLoops - feedback loops of flies  

    Michael Dickinson

    A Brain Circuit Program for Understanding the Sensorimotor Basis of Behavior

    *Holobrain - coding, sensation, behavior

    John Maunsell

    Readout and control of spatiotemporal neuronal codes for behavior

    *aABC  - almost Anything But Cortex

    David Kleinfeld

    Reverse Engineering the Brain Stem Circuits that Govern Exploratory Behavior


    Elizabeth Buffalo

    Computational and Circuit Mechanisms Underlying Rapid Learning


    Kenneth Miller

    Understanding V1 circuit dynamics and computations

    *OXT - Oxytocin Group

    Richard Tsien

    Oxytocin Modulation of Neural Circuit Function and Behavior

    Dmitry Rinberg Cracking the Olfactory Code
    Martyn D Goulding Spinal Circuits for the Control of Dexterous Movement
    Bernardo Sabatini

    Towards a unified framework for dopamine signaling in the striatum



    Gregory Deangelis

    Neural basis of causal inference: representations, circuits, and dynamics


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